Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I have not forgotten about you. I have been super busy this week. I finished grad school on Friday WOO HOO! This is probably, no not probably, is my biggest accomplishment to date. I have been super busy with odds and ends. I took the weekend off to celebrate my ending of grad school, but then Monday I went to my new job and started setting up my office. I haven't taken a picture yet because I want to wait until I get enough decorations on the walls. I am taking some posters to get laminated tomorrow, so hopefully next week or the week after I will post a picture. Yesterday, I went shopping with my mom for a graduation dress. I got an adorable BCBG dress and matching shoes; black wedges. I think a much better choice than heels for graduation. For my undergrad graduation I wore 3 inch heels and literally took them off the entire ceremony besides walking across the stage. My goal is to keep my shoes ON. I was a little early to Easton yesterday. My mom and I always meet at Barnes & Noble, so duh, I wanted to be early. As I posted earlier, I am on the waiting list for Jacyee Dugards memoir and also the novel One Day. I saw them at the bookstore and  they were literally on the shelf RIGHT NEXT to one another. A sign? I think so. I actually walked around with them for a few minutes. Kind of like an expensive piece of clothing that you really want, but know you are going to put back? I am a biblomaniac, and I couldn't put them down. I cannot buy every book I see! Eventually, my mom called me and said that she was there and didn't want to go into the store because she wanted to eat lunch first. So, I had to put the books down. It was very sad. But, I told myself that I will be reading them soon. I AM on the list. *Sigh*

So I am still reading Incendiary by Chris Cleave. I've been very slow through this one because of all that is going on. I thought for a few pages there in the beginning I wasn't going to like it, but I am so glad that I kept on reading. It is a very different book. The narrator is extremely anxious all of the time and mentally ill. I think that is why the author wrote without any commas. It is like he wants us to get a feel of what it is like to be in a person's head who has a severe anxiety disorder. There is a movie with Ewan McGreggor and Michelle Williams which is based on this book. As soon as I am finished with it I am going to watch it. Here is the trailer.


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