Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Sneak Peak into My New Job

Today, I went into work to make more headway on my office organization. Chip keeps making fun of me that I have had two weeks off, but I've been into work anyway. After being in grad school and not really understanding a break has taken it's toll on my work habits. Leave it to me to graduate this Saturday, start my home health job on Sunday, and then my full time job on Monday. Oh well. I need the cash I 'spose. 
I hope you guys don't mind I am adding recipes and my work projects on this blog. Books and what I'm reading are the main focus, but I want to update everyone on what's going on in my life.. the things that get in the way of my reading. So, this is a picture of the bulletin board I made today. It is not actually inside my office, but right outside the speech/language therapy rooms. My office is not camera ready yet, but I am hoping it will be by next week. We have an open house for the parents next Thursday, so I wanted it to look nice outside the therapy rooms. There are 6 classrooms (6 morning, and 6 afternoon) and the "chefs" are the names of the classrooms: toucans, butterflies, frogs, rainbows, tigers, and owls. I will have students in 3 of the classrooms, some home visits (students who are unable to attend preschool in the building), and also some "service only" students (kids whose parents don't think they are ready for school, but still want services provided by the public school district so they will come to the school kind of like "out patient"). I think the bulletin board is pretty cute. It looks better in person than it does in the photo.

 Here is a picture of the door to the speech/language therapy rooms. The other speech pathologist and I share a door. When you walk in this door you are in my office. Then to the left, there is another door which leads to the other therapist's office. It's nice that they are separate, but connected. I thought that I wasn't going to like them being connected, but this way we get to share materials. I am surprised at how many materials the school has for us, but it's pretty amazing. At my school the teachers go by their first names. So, instead of being "Ms. Whitney" I was going to be "Ms. Jacqueline." Now, I know that Jacqueline is a mouthful for 3-year-olds to say, so I've decided to go by "Ms. Jackie", not even "Ms. Jacque" because I want the kids to begin to recognize my name. No, you may not call me Jackie. Jacqueline to adults, thank you. :) I put up the bubble letters, and the other therapist made the sign. 

-Ms. Jackie :)

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