Monday, August 29, 2011

The Help

 Again, sorry about the infrequent posts. I don't know why I decided to start a blog right as I start my career, but I'm going to do my best. I am still reading One Day. I know, I'm moving at a snails pace. This week at work is very hectic. It it my first week where I need to pull kids for IEP minutes (last week we didn't want to pull them because they need to get to know their teachers). This week I need to see them for minutes and also screen the entire school's hearing. Remember, these are 3,4,5 year olds, and half of them have special needs. It is not an easy task! not only is work hectic, but I am moving on Thursday. I know, poor me right? It's actually pretty exciting, but extremely stressful and busy. Anyway, I really wanted to do a post on The Help. If you aren't living under a rock I'm sure you've read it.

  I read The Help when it first came out in hardback. My grandmother had it and she passed it on to me. I think it was spring break of 2010. I read it in just a few days, which was rare for me then because I was in my second semester of grad school and I'm sure we still had homework over spring break. Amazingly enough, I am already starting to forget some things about grad school. 
I loved this book not only for the story, but for the writing. I love books that are written in accents. It really sets the tone of the book and I feel like I really am getting to know the characters and what they would be like/sound like if they were real people. I also loved that there was so much dialogue. If you haven't figured that out about me yet, I love books with tons of dialogue. I also really enjoy historical fiction. My family is from Mississippi so it was also fun to read a book based in Jackson because I've been there so many times in my life.

When I found out that they were making a movie about this book I was thrilled. I always get a little nervous about really good books being turned into movies, but either way I was definitely going to see this movie. I went and saw it and it did not disappoint! Whenever a movie is based on a book they have to leave out certain parts, and this movie was no exception, but I think they left out just the right parts. I didn't walk out of the movie thinking, "oh I wish they would have put in that part."
But, honestly when I saw the movie I had forgotten so much about the book. As I was watching I kept remembering the book as it went along. I thought that the actors portrayed the characters really well.

So my biblomaniac followers-- I want to hear what you thought about the book, the movie, or the book vs. the movie. Comment away:


  1. I LOVED book and I LOVED the movie! I agree, they left out details only that didn't alter the story at all. With a 400+ page book, you just can't have everything on the screen of the film. The movie is a great addition to the book's growing popularity, but was also a good film of its own accord. I think this is one that people will be talking about for a while! Emma Stone was just perfect as Skeeter- but maybe I thought so because I had already seen the film trailers by the time I read the book, so I was picturing her the whole time.

    As for the book itself... I wouldn't be surprised if it starts showing up on school reading lists. There are so many good discussion points that will be relevant for years to come. The dialects are just one way that the author makes each character a separate identity. And I loved how developed each character was, even if they didn't have a first person voiceMy favorite character turned out to be Miss Celia. I loved getting to know her through Minnie's eyes.

  2. I thought it was pretty good. I watched the movie with ian who didn't read the book and kept talking the whole time, telling him things that they didn't show or didn't actually happen. For example, Skeeters mom did not yell at Hilly and tell her to get her ass off her property. In the book, her mom was sick and frail and Hilly ran away, feeling stunned she looked like she did. I know it's a minor detail, but I particularly noticed them because of Ian not knowing.

    Overall, i thought it was a good representation of the book, because as we know, some movies aren't. I agree with Erin-- The characters were well-developed and the most believable to me was Aibleen. She made me so sad. I really felt for her. Loved Celia, too, BUT Celia was not portrayed in the movie like she was in the book (The laying/sneaking around). I thought that was such an eerie thing for her to be doing and a really important part of her character. But, you can't put it all in!

  3. I did not check this before posting...I meant to say I kept talking the whole time and telling him things that didn't happen. Oops:)