Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins


Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard of The Hunger Games. I picked the first one up when I was standing in line at TJ Max. You know when you go to TJ Max, find the thing that you want to buy, then you have to stand in line and there are so many THINGS that you don't really need but you will just die without? So I picked up a paperback copy of The Hunger Games. I think tween fiction can be really good for all ages.... especially if you have a full time job and want something easy to read. This was right up my alley during IEP/Kindergarten transition season at my job.

I tore through the first book in about 6 hours on a Saturday. I couldn't put it down. I didn't eat or drink hardly that day, I just kept reading. The story takes place in a post apocalyptic North America in a new county called Panem. Civil war tore the country apart and the totalitarian government reigns on past what they call the "dark days." The "dark days" were when the 12 districts (the country's form of states or provinces) tried to rebel against the Capital. The Capital won the war. To keep the districts in check, every year 2 children ages 12-18 are chosen at random to compete as Tributes in the Hunger Games. This is where children fight to the death to be crowned the Victor. The first book is all about Katniss Everdeen,District Twelve's female tribute, and her journey through the Hunger Games. This story is full of blood, love triangles, family destruction, and a oppressive government's control.

Jennifer Lawrence plays Katniss Everdeen in the movie The Hunger Games which game out in March. I loved the movie. Of course the book was better, but it was fantastic to see how the book came to life. 

The next two books are called "Catching Fire" and "Mockingjay." I won't give too much away if you haven't read the first one. I loved the second book. I think it might even be better than the first. The third one almost disappointed me. I get very into the characters when I read books, and by the end of the third book I was very upset with some of the main characters. Have any of you read the trilogy?

I am still reading The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.  The school year ended so now I have no excuse not to read and blog. To be honest, I am getting quite obsessed with speech pathology blogs and Pinterest. The more I look at people's blogs who keep up on them daily, the more anxiety I get. SO now I have no excuse. I am only going to be working part time until I start my new job in a new district on August 20th. Yayy new job! If you have been dying to know what The Night Circus is about then here is the link to the website: The Night Circus

What are you reading?

XOXO- Jacqueline

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