Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cutting for Stone, Abraham Vergese

Months later, here are the reviews for the novel Cutting for Stone

By Erin Andreani, April 2012

It is rare that I read a story so completely told from beginning to end, one in which all lines come around full circle. In this way, Cutting for Stone is a fully satisfying; it does not leave the reader with the unsettling feeling of “wanting more” after the last page. While it took me 2 months to finish (through no fault of its own), I very much enjoyed my time with each of the characters. 
I have read reviews that said it was felt that the Part I was unrelated to the rest of the story; I completely disagree. The background of Thomas Stone and Sister Mary Praise, while incomplete until the end, added the dramatic irony necessary to the story. We as readers knew who was missing in the boys’ lives, even though they did not. I found this to be an overall theme, that of ignorance. Ignorance to the actions of loved ones, one’s country, one’s past, and one’s future. 
As truths were revealed and blissful ignorances became harsh realities, the destinies of Shiva and Marion were unraveled and became a character of their own; literally, “ShivaMarion”. 
I’d recommend Cutting for Stone to anyone looking for twist to the coming-of-age story; with this book, you’ll find brothers, a family, and a country all coming-of-age together over the span of 50 years. 


Jacqueline Whitney, April 2012

"The world turns on our every action, and our every omission, whether we know it or not." -Vergese, Cutting for Stone

Vergese's story focus on a two themes: choices and love. The initial choices that two people make together lead the way for the joining and journey of an entire family; from the fit of forbidden love that bore two unwanted conjoined twins, to the adoptive parents who annually vow to stay together, to the toxic relationship that may never come to be, to the brotherly love that is genetically entwined.  Readers are brought through births, first loves, family bonds, friendship, heartache, joy, world travel, achievements, and death. 

Cutting for Stone is a thought provoking tale that will cause you to think about how others' choices have caused your life to become what it is, and how your current actions are like ripples in a lake whose effects you may never know. 

For those looking for a book rich with secrets, emotion, and haunting pasts, this book does not disappoint. Be prepared for a book that will consume your thoughts not only with the characters, but about your own life choices and relationships. 

The next book club choice is called "Night Circus" by Erin Morgenstern. Goodreads.com gave it 4/5 stars. Hopefully this book won't take me close to two months to read it. Erin and I will post reviews soon. I also recently read The Hunger Games. Look for a post on that as soon as I see the movie. The next 2 books in the series are currently on their way to my house from Amazon.

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