Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kris Jenner...and All Things Kardashian

Ok. First of all I have to plead, please do not stop reading my blog just because I read this book. I think the entire family is crazy and I do not know why these people are famous... so I read the book. I wanted to know: how did all of this happen? Why are these people soooo famous? This book tells you how it all started, which was very interesting. I will give Kris Jenner credit for helping all of her children become wealthy in their "careers." What I really enjoyed about this book was her insight about the O.J. Simpson trial. She was best friends with Nicole Brown Simpson and gave background about their relationship. I read this book on the beach while hanging out with my family. It was a good beach read because it was quick, easy, and not a big deal if you had to put it down for a while. My aunt loves the Kardashians so it was fun for us to discuss the book while at the beach together.

For anyone who likes the Kardashians, is amused by them, or wants to learn more about the O.J. trial, this book is a decently entertaining read.