Monday, August 13, 2012

My Horizontal Life


Okay. So, I know how I am going to keep up with my reading when the school year starts.  AUDIO BOOKS. I decided to get an audiobook when I drove 2 hours both ways to my friend's wedding. When I was in grad school and I would drive back and forth to visit Chip I would often times listen to a book. So, the other day I went to the library to see what they had. This particular branch did not have a wide selection, but I hadn't read this Chelsea Handler book yet so I decided to pick it up. It was only 5 disks so I thought that would be good for a weekend trip.

This book was the best Chelsea book in my opinion. She channels her early to late 20s in this one night stand tell all book. I still cannot be sure how much of her books are true and how much are fabricated, but either way I was laughing out loud as I was driving up highway 77. She chronicles her intoxicated late nights with strange men and how they turned out. SUPER funny, laid back, easy to listen to audiobook. As you know by now, I really enjoy stories that are mindless and don't require much brain power every now and again.

I've already picked up two more audiobooks from the library. I am back to work now and my commute is 30-40 minutes, so as I take it, that's more than an hour of "reading" per day. I should be able to get through quite a few books even if I don't have as much reading time.

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