Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What We Keep

I am tearing through books this summer. I go from having one post a month to having a few a week. I guess that's what working in the schools will do to you. I am only working 2 days a week right now  so I have plenty of time to read. I go back to work starting August 15 so expect fewer posts once the school year starts. I feel like I'm on a roll now, so maybe the reading will continue. This book was given to me by my friend Erin last summer. It had been sitting on my shelf for a while, so I picked it up as I headed to the pool.

This is a great read-in-one day while sitting at the pool book. Berg knows how to create characters that tug at your heart strings and make you die laughing at the same time. I give this book 3/5 stars because it is not a book that will stay with me for years to come. It was a pretty good story about two sisters (Ginny and Sharla) living seemingly normal childhoods in the 1950s who then lose their mother out of no where. The girls' mother has a midlife crisis and chooses to focus on her own life. Thirty five years later the two girl decide they are ready to face her. The book jumps back and forth from Ginny's perspective as a 12 year old girl to being in her 40s flying to see her mother 35 years later. I recommend this for people sitting at the beach or on a 3 hour plane ride. Good, but not great novel. 

Elizabeth Berg is a great author. I have read a few of her books (see one of my post from a year ago to find more Berg books.)

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