Sunday, July 17, 2011


Today I went to visit my friends from grad school: Erin and Tara. After seeing everyone in the program in the grad room all day and then until 8:00 most nights for class, we got pretty close. It had been 2 full months since I had seen them so, this reunion was much needed. Check out what Erin brought me:

She wanted to keep it a surprise, but she couldn't knowing the debut of my blog. After I knew she was going to "surprise" me with books, I couldn't show up empty handed. I scoured through my books to see what I could bring her. I knew I wanted to bring her The Art of Mending by Elizabeth Berg. However, since I moved to Columbus and am staying with Chip in a ONE BEDROOM apartment, I had to put most of my things, including previously read books, in storage. I wanted to bring her Room but it is already promised to another friend for borrow.  *sigh*


As promised, I started reading Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan yesterday. So far, the book is leading up to my expectations. The oldest of the 4 women, Alice Kelleher, is in her 80s. She is the owner of the family cabin in Maine. Her character has an illusory personality. On the surface she appears like a devout Catholic and family centered woman, however, I am seeing that she has a cold inner self because of hidden secrets. The second family member, Alice's granddaughter Maggie, age 32, is pregnant and hasn't told her boyfriend yet. Only good drama can come from this. The boyfriend is in his 30s as well but lives his life as if he is still in college.

Here is J. Courtney Sullivan's website. I hope you all check out her books:

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  1. Hope you love each and every one of them! Love swapping stories- in real life and with our books! I am on the waiting list for Room at the library, so hopefully I'll be able to comment on that soon. xoxo!